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I trust myself first.   Do you have issues with trusting others?   I recently have had several experiences, where feelings of mistrust have been triggered.   How can I trust this person to turn up for me? How can I trust that I am not being used? How can I trust they will not […]



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I am free to revel in my senses   Before I discovered Qoya, I had never heard of the term “sensual movement”.  Never outside of the people saying “taste this!” or “smell this” or “touch this”  had I been invited to engage in my senses in a more conscious way.   Whilst I knew what […]



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Spaciousness relieves my suffering   Have you ever thought about why we  suffer? Recently I have been thinking about this a bit. In a sweet little challenge to my mindfulness practice (or that how I am trying to perceive it!), the ongoing leak in my ensuite has been providing me with quite the opportunity for […]


Infinity Therapies Book Club

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In 2017, I walked into that hotel ballroom (see picture above) having no idea what was going to happen, and even my wildest dreams I couldn’t have come up with what DID eventuate. If you know me, you will know this room of women have helped me to create some phenomenal highs and deal with some […]



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Yes, thank you. More please. In December, I wrote about “NO, thank you”, being a complete sentence. It’s February, and now I am saying Yes! Yes, thank you. More please. Yes and No. For their tiny size they have so much impact on our lives, it seems crazy that we don’t give them a little […]



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My awareness creates always.   Have you ever used the statement “This always happens to me”?   This concept of groundhog day in certain parts of your life, that keep turning up, again and again, and again. Sometimes it can be good stuff, sometimes bad stuff but the association with the term “always”, has challenged […]



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My authentic offering is valuable.   I have recently been hit on the head with the term – Reciprocity   In one week, I have had 4 different conversations or interactions that have referred to this term. A term that initially, I had no idea what it meant.   For anyone who is like me, […]



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When naked, I spark my own joy.   The other day it was 42 degrees. It was, to state the obvious bloody hot outside. It was a day when normally I would be relieved to be going to work, because, at work, there was always reliable air-conditioning, in which you never really needed to know the […]



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  Where I am, is where I should be.   A lack of clarity is a simple sign – there IS more for you!   In the past 40 years, I think I have felt some form of clarity around what I wanted to be doing in this world may be at the most 20 […]



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  A gentle piece of encouragement for your festive season. No, thank you. Is a complete sentence (even if this one isn’t!). It can be a tricky one to use at this time of the year, but the truth is, it is a full sentence that requires nothing else, to be added to it. It […]