Infinity Therapies was created by Nicola Belcher, in recognition that there are infinite choices available to you to help you create the best life for you.

Infinity therapies, offering is about assisting you to trust you. It’s about helping you to take the time to get to know you, know what you want and how you can get there, with grace and ease.

Embodied Wellbeing Everyday, is about discovering what it means to Be you, instead of “Doing” you.

Nicola has a bachelor of business, an advanced diploma in homeopathy, a certificate in kinergetics, a certificate in meliae healing and is a fully qualified and endorsed Qoya teacher. She has recently also spent time in NYC, completing the Mastery Program at the School of Womanly Arts.

Having worked for 20 years in Human Resources focused on transformation and change, Nicola has experienced first hand the benefits that result from individuals accessing their own sense of power and stepping into living more authentic and aligned versions of themselves. We are living in times that are full of challenges, but also full of opportunities; and it is will be our understanding of how we feel into these situations and how we choose to process these feelings that impact the quality of our wellbeing and our ability to just survive or thrive.

Nicola is passionate about sharing her learnings, so that you can be living the best version of yourself.

Whether it is through Wellbeing programs, the movement of Qoya or working with you one on one; her intention is to share practical and accessible tools that create experiences that help you to escape the overwhelm of the conscious mind, and to allow your own wisdom to come forth.

It is through the choices that we make everyday, that we carve the path to our future self; so if you are open to expanding your own sense of wellbeing, Nicola would love you to get in touch.

Nicola is also available for speaking events and facilitation of workshops.


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Infinity Therapies recommend your healthcare be balanced in all areas of mind, body and spirit. We recognize the benefits conventional/traditional medicine can provide, and as such give no direction to cease your current health care program. This is a decision to be made by you alone, in conjunction with you health practitioner.