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My awareness creates always.   Have you ever used the statement “This always happens to me”?   This concept of groundhog day in certain parts of your life, that keep turning up, again and again, and again. Sometimes it can be good stuff, sometimes bad stuff but the association with the term “always”, has challenged […]



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My authentic offering is valuable.   I have recently been hit on the head with the term – Reciprocity   In one week, I have had 4 different conversations or interactions that have referred to this term. A term that initially, I had no idea what it meant.   For anyone who is like me, […]



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When naked, I spark my own joy.   The other day it was 42 degrees. It was, to state the obvious bloody hot outside. It was a day when normally I would be relieved to be going to work, because, at work, there was always reliable air-conditioning, in which you never really needed to know the […]



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  Where I am, is where I should be.   A lack of clarity is a simple sign – there IS more for you!   In the past 40 years, I think I have felt some form of clarity around what I wanted to be doing in this world may be at the most 20 […]



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  A gentle piece of encouragement for your festive season. No, thank you. Is a complete sentence (even if this one isn’t!). It can be a tricky one to use at this time of the year, but the truth is, it is a full sentence that requires nothing else, to be added to it. It […]



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  This post comes with a warning.   WARNING: Slowing Down WILL NOT kill you.   For the last two weeks, I have felt like my days are like liquid molten. There has been a thickness and slowness to the intensity of time. Whether it is the hot weather or the time of the year, […]



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  I show compassion to myself   There is a much talk in the wellness world around the benefits and essential requirement of self-care practices.   And while, we all need to be conscious of things like, a healthy diet, movement and exercise, positive relationships and boundaries, for me my biggest self-care practice, is not […]


Linear No More

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I have many things that I feel like I currently need to do for myself. But why does it always feels so hard to do them? When I was working in a corporate role, I would sit at my desk all day, ticking of items that needed to be done; and then creating the next […]



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When I find gratitude for the situation it opens up the possibilities and opportunities in which I can make choices.   When I find gratitude I let go of the lingering negativity and move to a place of curiosity and expansion.   When I find gratitude, I step into owning my situation, and releasing the […]



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For most of my life, I have thought of myself as quite un-emotional. And, I thought this was a positive thing. Logical, and stable. A positive and well rewarded way of being.   When feelings would come up, I think I would try to disconnect from them, not really listening to them or knowing how […]