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We are so very lucky. We live in a “Free Country”.   We, as women living in Australia have so many more freedoms than so many other women around the world. Despite being so grateful for being born and living where I do; often it is my own choices, influenced by our current culture, that […]


Happiness. Relevant or Limiting?

Posted on September 24, 2018 by admin in Leadership, Qoya.

Is your goal in life to be happy?   I hear people and specifically parents (including my own) say ALL the time, I just want my kids to be “happy”.   But what if happiness was not the goal?   What if we were to shift the focus away and give all emotions an even […]


A Story of Creation

Posted on September 5, 2018 by admin in Qoya.

Part 1 – An introduction   This week, under different circumstances I would have been giving birth to a baby. But instead, I am giving birth to my story and experience of miscarriage.   I discovered I was pregnant in November 2017. I was coming off what I would describe as one of the best […]


What is feminine movement anyway?

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Qoya is a feminine movement practice. What is feminine movement anyway? A little writing… __________________________________________________________ To be honest, I had no idea what feminine movement was before I experienced Qoya over 3 years ago.   I had always been a relatively active person. Exercise has been part of my life since the age of 3 […]


You think you haven’t… But do you know otherwise?

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Have you ever asked yourself what your life is really about? I have.   Do you ever get a clear answer? I haven’t.   Or …I think I haven’t.   I just typed those words above eg “I haven’t..” but as soon as I did, my stomach turned and it felt like a lie. I […]


Owning your day?

Posted on July 17, 2018 by admin in Qoya.

This morning, my alarm went off at 5.25am.   The night before, I had had the thought that I would “own” my morning and take myself to yoga before coming home, having breakfast and getting ready to walk to work   For me to own my morning, I thought that I needed to make a […]


Satiating Hunger

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At seventeen, I started to starve myself I thought that love was a kind of emptiness And at least I understood then the hunger I felt And I didn’t have to call it loneliness   We all have a hunger We all have a hunger We all have a hunger We all have a hunger […]


Safe spaces

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I recently wrote this short post for Blog. If you are interested in buying a Yogangstar mat, I have a special discount code, just for my followers. You can use “Qoya” and receive 10% discount off any mat. ______________________________________________________ I invite woman to get out of their heads and into their bodies, through the […]


Private Qoya Classes

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  Are you trying to think of a way to honour an upcoming milestone for a special woman in your life? Then contact Nicola to talk about creating a tailored and magical Qoya event, just for her and her closest girlfriends. Celebrate with feminine movement, ceremony, and sisterhood – all of which make for the perfect […]


Good bye Summer, Hello Autumn

Posted on March 23, 2018 by admin in Qoya.

Good bye Summer, Hello Autumn. Today is the Autumn Equinox (in Australia!) Can we surrender enough to trust that we do know what is right for us. And can we trust that wherever we are, is truly where we should be and that like the trees transforming we do not need to force anything. I […]