COVID Coaching Support Offer

Nicola acknowledges that the impact that Covid-19 has had on our lives, has been at times hard to reconcile.

So many individuals have had their careers and personal lives thrown into what feels like a tumble dryer and just like the clothes, we are being thrown up and down, over and over again, becoming more and more tender, uncertain and anxious as we fall down on the next rotation.

Recognising the power of having her own support network during this time, Nicola is now wanting to be of service to you and to anyone else who maybe feeling the fragility of the times. Having someone on your side with no personal agenda can be a powerful ally in times of change and she wants to be this for you.

Starting in August, 2020 in order to limit any barriers to entry for those who are suffering financially at this time,  she is began offering FREE and Pay-What-Feels-Good coaching sessions. As of 5 October, Free coaching will not  longer be available, however there will still be limited Pay-What-Feels-Good coaching sessions, and she is also always available for an initial 20 minute investigation call, if you are interested in working with her.

So if you are facing some challenges, and would like some support in discovering a new way forward, please make an appointment, via the system below or contact her at, to find a convenient time to explore working together.

Why seek support?

Because as humans we were never meant to succeed alone. We all need support to get to where we want to go, as the game of life, was just never designed for individuals to thrive. So many of the women and men, that Nicola work with will often share that they are feeling:

  • a lack of life satisfaction
  • like I have ticked off a lot of “life’s to do list” but its just not feeling how I thought it would
  • as if there is an underlying tension and anxiety and I crave more for my life, now
  • undervalued, overwhelmed or just bored

If you can relate or are feeling any of these things, then you are in the exact right place.

Nicola would love to meet you here and is now offering career and life embodiment coaching to support you from exactly where you are.

It is only when we are able to accept where we are now, that we can be ready to move to a new place, and Nicola is honoured to be able to support you to alchemise your current and past experiences, and provide a safe space for you to access a greater sense of freedom, greater capacity to create choices and a greater embodied experience of self trust.

She believes we are all worthy of being able to step into our power AND that life can be so much better than this!

What happens in a coaching session?

Having worked in HR and in complimentary health and embodiment, Nicola brings a unique combination of practical embodiment and consciousness techniques into her coaching practice.

In a truly safe space and with support; we will explore mindset, mindfulness , conscious leadership, and how we can use our bodies to help us access our own inner wisdom. Together we work to bring greater awareness to the noise of the flight/fight/freeze responses so that we can begin to undo the learning that makes us feel stuck or trapped in our current situations.

Through the combination of techniques we will uncover the thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are stopping you from making the changes you need to step into your fullest potential and build practical actions that you can implement to make the changes you desire.

What are the benefits?

Nicola will provide you with a safe space and dedicated time for you to be heard and acknowledged. In your session together you will be able to take time just for you to unravel exactly what it is that you do truly desire to create for yourself.

She will support you by providing tools and techniques that you can embed into your every day life, that will help you to, (as Glennon Doyle shares) ” do hard things” and in recognising in doing them, that it is totally worth it.

Having support to create greater awareness and make new choices can help us to remember and begin to embody that:

  • we are enough
  • we don’t have to do “everything” right
  • we have a voice and we can use it
  • we can take action when we need to
  • we can dream and make them happen
  • support is available and we can always be learning more

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