My awareness creates always.


Have you ever used the statement “This always happens to me”?


This concept of groundhog day in certain parts of your life, that keep turning up, again and again, and again. Sometimes it can be good stuff, sometimes bad stuff but the association with the term “always”, has challenged me of late.


Yesterday I know I needed to write a new blog post due to the sequencing of my writing on my Instagram page, so I began to think of a mantra that I needed; an affirmation that would help me through what I was currently experiencing.


And what I was currently experiencing was an overwhelm of frustration and disappointment which was boiling up into what could be considered rage! There were tears, and threats and a burning sensation like fire coming up my chest, that if I was a cartoon character would have burst out smoke from my ears.


What would cause such a large emotional reaction in me?


Well, it’s a leak. A leak that has been in my ensuite bathroom for over 5 months, in which none of what feels like 589598 workmen who have come to “fix it” have been able to resolve. A leak that is evasive, destructive and at times revolting smelly.


It is has been the subtle power of water that is creating my internal wildfire.


So anyway, yesterday whilst calming down and trying to think of the most relevant affirmation other than “Breathe and Stay Calm, it is just a leak”. It was the word Create that came forward.


I started with: I am, therefore I create. I create therefore I am. But they just were just not doing it for me. They felt disconnected from me.


Having shared my “Story of Creation” in August, I know deep within my bones that we are all Creators and that each day we make choices as to what it is we will bring forward or birth into the world.


Each moment, our mind will have the ability to generate a thought and then another and another – taking us on a wild storytelling journey, telling us things like “these people are useless”, “this is unfair”, “it’s always this way when..”. blah blah blah …on and on it goes…. Creating noise and telling stories over and over to create our version of “always”. This illusion that nothing changes along the time spectrum. That ‘always’ is a solid outcome, and yep we are stuck there.


So lucky for me I have been re-reading Eckhart Tolle’s book “The New Earth”. Which is a solid reminder that from a place of awareness, I can have control over these thoughts that often flood your mind like the water in Townville, overwhelming us. For with each repeated thought I was having, I knew I was creating stress in my body as it decided to believe my thoughts were true. So I tried to step back from them, I tried to become the observer.


And here is what I saw, I was not just creating my now moment, I was also letting my mind create my Always. And my mind was making everything worse, not only for my NOW but for my perceptions of my always!


So here is the objective of my mantra – I want to be able to create my own reality, my now and my always – from a place beyond thought. I want to let go of the stories from the past, and the anxieties of the future; and ALWAYS create from my awareness and presence.


When conflict, struggle or challenges arise which they do all the time, I want to be able to create from own sense of power, not just from flippant responses to my mind losing its shit and my bodies fight or flight response kicking in!


My mantra feels most powerful when it comes to the patterns that turn up in my life, and that awareness that if I am thinking this “always” happens, means I am being a victim to circumstance. Nothing is ever stuck, nothing is solid, everything is energy that is in constant vibration just waiting for the right match of energy to move it.


Everything is changing all the time. And therefore your current always is only ever one rung of your own evolution. It is only one rung that you may feel you got stuck on, but it’s just a rung and if you become aware that you are on a ladder, then your awareness may show you that you can get off, or take a step up or a step-down.


So if I notice that my mind is saying “You always have done XYZ” – I know to use the little mindful tricks to help me expand my awareness to a new level, because out of my mind, I see more and it’s from this place we ACTUALLY get to create!


Eckhart Tolle recommends the following tips to expand into your awareness at any time:

  1. First, notice the thought
  2. Take some deep and focussed breathes, or
  3. Feel into your body. Notice the energy in your feet, your hands etc, or
  4. Look at something in nature, look at it without naming it. Really look at it, or
  5. Listen to a natural sound. Really hear the birds song.


From this place of expanded awareness, our body calms down, the thoughts may slow and our vision of what is happening can broaden away from the narrowness of always.


Letting your awareness be your creator, always; brings with it a gift of calmness, of connection, of more hope and more resilience.


And as the plumber returns to my apartment tomorrow, I KNOW he will be grateful for the impact this mantra has had on me!


May the fire of my fury, resolve to be the embers that dry my water leak once and for all.



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