Messages can get so whack, can’t they?!

The last time I sent an email out, I was sharing about how I found the beginning of the year quite challenging, as I had recognised that I had been waiting for someone else to give me permission to actually do the work I wanted to do. I had noticed that my intention and my actions were not aligned and I was going to have to do the work to align them clearly. This was a mindshift for me, that when written seems sort of easy, but when you go to actaully do it. It was challenging. I had to take radical ownership, which is at the best of times challenging! 

Challenging? You say? Well sorry, the Universe responds. I can do so much more than that! Nicola, let me welcome you in on a completely new set of rules to play with – not only will it put all your current actions into a flux but it will have even greater impact on how our actions need to support our intentions. Let me raise the stakes and the level of creativity required for you to really step into your work, SHE (The Universe) says!

And here’s the thing, in the beginning, I was like, nope. Not playing.

The rules are unclear, and I feel tired and shitty. In fact, I feel more than that, I feel angry, sad and disturbed. So, I’m taking my offering home and sticking it where the light don’t shine. Universe, I have nothing I want to offer you right now.

And I did. I gratefully moved back into my apartment and I just took to allowing myself to feel shit. Permission to embrace my inner sad, annoyed, disappointed, grumpy bitch given and received. I went to the darkness and rolled with it.

Then in time, like with everything, the cycles rolled on and my shittiness began to lift. I began to recognise as always I don’t necessarily have to DO anything new or effort driven to make this shift, but when I use the embodiment tools that I have from the School of Womanly Arts and Qoya, when I honour my truth then the feelings and emotions will and do shift. Something changes inside of me, just like change is happening outside of us all the time. As I focused on being present with myself, the lessons I am learning rise to the surface and from these lessons, I can take action.  I thought I could share with you 4 key learnings of what this first cycle in this time period has offered me:

  • The game of personal alignment and authenticity has never been more important. Taking the time to really know your Self, and how you want to show up, was always important but not like it is now.
  • Whenever we “think” we are losing something, we are gaining somewhere else, look closer. The gift is usually better.
  • Self-care and self-pleasure MUST be our priority. I mean ACTUAL self-care, self-care that asks you “what do I really need, right now?” Not, what can I find online to spend money on! What act will make you feel more alive? Or more relaxed? Or more open to possibility? Find these things then, give yourself permission to receive multiple offerings of them. The balance against the societal fear and anxiety and our own real personal situations are leaving us depleted, no matter your personal situation is the collective fear is magnifying it and tipping our scales, way out of balance. So take an extra serving of pleasure, in fact, OVERINDULGE in meeting your own needs. In this environment, we will only be able to be of any service when we have an overflow to give from.
  • The darkness is highlighting the light like never before. I see the light in others so much more clearly now, and I feel my own light in ways I didn’t know it was there. Feel into your light. Treasure your light. We all need YOU to shine as brightly as possible.

So of all the things that I had been working on, the one offering I did not have to question I still wanted to offer was… Book Club With A Difference.

I do not hesitate in saying that the work that we do in this amazing club using the book of Pussy. A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer is the medicine to this time. It provides us with practical and accessible tools to support us in releasing the grip on the ways that our current culture has conditioned us but is no longer serving us. It is all about reclaiming – not only our physical bodies as women but it is about taking radical ownership of our selves and our light!

So if you are feeling a little yearning or a tingle of interest, in embracing a new way of living in more harmony and more balance then we would love you to come join us in a deep dive into Pleasure. 

By signing up and turning up (on ZOOM) each Tuesday night (starting July 14), Jennifer Karlich and I can guarantee you will have at the very minimum one dose of pleasure hormones each week! Check out the video below for why this is so important.

For more information of Book Club With A Difference and to access the registration link CLICK HERE .