Have you ever been turned on, at work?


Do you ever feel a flush of energy rise through your body, that lights it up, creating more endorphins than you would usually experience in an office environment?


A feeling like it’s a full body “YES” and all of a sudden your senses are heightened and you feel like the world is aligned and you just sink back in to your chair, a little light headed but feeling so reassured that you are on the right track?


For so long, my answer to these questions would be. “No. Are you crazy?”


Even, the thought of being turned on in the office would have been a turn off!


I was paid to turn up, put a plan together, to create a policy or process to move one piece of information from here to there, to ensure we complied, to make sure the company wasn’t at risk. To hire people, to fire people, to make people change what and how they did their tasks. I had some good days for sure, but surely to be turned on whilst performance managing people would be slightly psychopathic!


I wasn’t there to feel anything. I was there to make a plan and implement it with the least amount of fuss. I was there to support others, to not feel too much. To get a job done, that would support the business picture. I was there to deliver. And so I did.


As a woman in the workplace, I believed that having any feelings of turn on could result in unwanted attention. I would be “asking” for trouble, to feel fully embodied in the work that I did. So I as a result, until now, I never have. And I have never really felt a sense of job satisfaction, that last longer than a couple of months!


Sometimes I would see a glimpse of turn on, in others around me. I would see the systems guy’s eyes light up when new functionality would be released. And I would even make jokes about his full body response and enthusiasm for systems enhancements. Or, I have witnessed a colleague facilitate a great team development day and the look on their face would be of such enthusiasm and sweet relief.


They would look like they had had that little bit of expectation, that little bit of excitement and had felt the rise of energy beginning to surface and then they would edge to a peak, to feel truly satisfied on the other side. They were turned on.  They had already; or were ready to create something new.


Whilst sexual energy can drive such a level of satisfaction in our lives, for so long it has been abused, mistreated, shamed and mislabelled within the current culture as wrong.


Turned on energy is not sexual lust or power play or the need to engaged in sexual relationships. Turn on, is an energy created by You for You. It utilises all your senses, it magnifies pleasure and it generates your own growth and expansion. Turn on has nothing to do with anyone else, and is not something you have to feel compelled to share and it is definitely not something you use to intimidate, harass or bully others.


It is the energy of full body, Yes. Of feeling so connected and inspired; that you want to create something. Something new, something innovative, something beyond that which you may think is even possible for you. Your turn on, is connected directly to your inner wisdom and it can drive you to a bigger more powerful vision. And Yes, your erogenous zones feel it. It is a not a thought or the minds ideas, it is a physical body response.


In writing and sharing these ideas and concepts, I will come clean; I feel turned on.


I get to truly experience what it is, to feel creative, to share my thoughts openly and honestly. To work with pushing my edges, to create my own growth opportunities and to hopefully help others to think a little more broadly about the workplaces we work in and what is real goal.


Let’s just say, in 20 years I have never sat at a HR meeting and discussed the benefits of supporting employees to feel more, let alone explore what it feels like to be “turned on” at work!


But, I have sat around tables and talked about wanting to find or develop passionate and creative Leaders.


In fact, that is a conversation that never stops.


Businesses have recognised that creating the right physical spaces, colours, trees, break out pods, “wear what you want”, “flexible work” etc etc, all support innovation but I am yet to hear a conversation about how we support employees to understand and use the power of their emotional range.


In the phenomenal book the 15 Commitment to Conscious leadership, a new paradigm to sustainable success, it talks about the importance of leaders to be able to recognise their emotions and to utilise them into effective action. It highlights that sexual energy is the energy of creativity and creation.  And it warns that the suppression of it in workplaces, leads to business cultures demanding innovations and creativity but not providing the avenues for it to flourish.


Demanding innovation, does not work. Like any ideal of a culture it takes behaviours and systems to support what you are trying to create. And healthy behaviours come only from people open enough to examine and utilise the underlying feelings and emotions that influence the actions they take.


Can you imagine what the workplace would feel like if everyone came to work “turned on” by the day ahead of them? Wouldn’t Monday’s would be great!?!


I’ll leave you with a recent quote taken from that Facebook page of Pamela Madsen, author, fertility and sexuality expert and educator;

“Sexual energy is the highest transmitter of creative energy. Our brain literally responds to our own bodies being energized through arousal energy. The energy or vibrations creates an amazing upswing in our ability to feel enthusiasm, boost our creative imagination, and increase our own desire to experience adventure, change and pleasure. Sensual stimulation literally wakes up all of us. So think of it this way; every time we use and activate arousal, we are stimulating our own engines of manifestation, and all kinds of delicious creative ideas to jump start and fuel our hopes and dreams.’


As Pamela often finishes off her posts… I hope there is something here for you.


What’s your thoughts? Are we ready, to explore emotions to drive more innovation in business?


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