We are so very lucky. We live in a “Free Country”.


We, as women living in Australia have so many more freedoms than so many other women around the world. Despite being so grateful for being born and living where I do; often it is my own choices, influenced by our current culture, that make me reflect that maybe I am not as free, as I have been told, that I am.


I have begun to reflect that my truest sense of #freedom doesn’t just come from the cultural benefits that I am so grateful to have such as a place of physical freedom, or a place of financial security, or having the opportunity to work, to have my own money, my own property, the right to vote etc etc.


I have learnt over the past 18 months, that my sense of freedom comes from having a voice, from sharing my thoughts, and clearly articulating my feelings. But more than that, it is that what I am sharing is being heard. Whether this be in my intimate relationships or within my working life.


My freedom doesn’t come from you agreeing with what I say or share; or you liking me and what I do, my sense of freedom steams from my ability to express myself in real terms in real time. And be seen.


It comes from me being courageous enough to show up, to take the risk, to be vulnerable – and present myself as I am, in that moment.


It has taken, 40 years, to recognise that freedom comes with living so authentically that sometimes it feels outrageously challenging and at times physically painful!


I know that when I am resonating with my true sense of freedom – I am empowered and that the energy sends ripples out to others, and it calls them to also claim their own freedom.


Your own sense of freedom can only come from you, and no one else “doing” their freedom will ever compensate for you “doing” yours.


Speak up, share you, all of you – and let me witness. Because that is Freedom.


Next Sunday @Gather I am inviting women to take the steps to discover their own feelings of freedom as we will dance Qoya with the theme of Speaking Your Truth.


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