I have many things that I feel like I currently need to do for myself.
But why does it always feels so hard to do them?

When I was working in a corporate role, I would sit at my desk all day, ticking of items that needed to be done; and then creating the next list of things to be done. Really having no personal investment in whether they get done or not. But I would do them, because someone else wanted them done.

But when it comes to doing things, for my own good, WHY does it feel so challenging?
Do you ever feel this too?

So based in what I have recently heard and my general thoughts – when we are doing things for ourselves, it requires self-reflection and often self-development.
And self-reflection can be challenging. To really ask ourselves what we truly want; AND to find an answer AND then to go and take action – well that seems like hard work!

It seems so much easier to be told what to do! The outcome and steps to take seem clearer and so much more linear.

But when doing things for myself, it is NOT linear. It seems to be very much like a labyrinth. I’ll take two steps forward, get distracted, go around a corner. Stop. Get a call, take action, move three steps, find a corner, narrowly turn, end up back where I was. Feel depleted, take one step, see a clearing path…find a corner…. AND ON and ON it goes!

So I am learning that when I am doing THE work, that I am fully guided to do, I tell myself BE Gentle. It is OK that it is not a straight line. Enjoy the curves, lean into the edges.
The twists and turns only make for greater layers of learning of which you will be able to amplify as you walk. Who knows where it leads, but within the labyrinth, we do know it leads us within.
May you let go of the linear path to your true destination. May each step you take, round each corner to create greater possibilities, and brighter opportunities as you spiral towards that which is meant for you.