A gentle piece of encouragement for your festive season.

No, thank you.

Is a complete sentence (even if this one isn’t!).

It can be a tricky one to use at this time of the year, but the truth is, it is a full sentence that requires nothing else, to be added to it. It is also probably one of the most powerful sentences you can use for your own health. Using the magic of “No thank you” – can miraculously open up time and space that you previously didn’t think possible. Time and space to really make the most of the season.

And why are these 3 little words so powerful?
Because at the heart of every No thank you that you offer, is a gift of Yes. A Yes, to your own wellbeing.

With every No, becomes the beginning of honouring our own needs, our own feelings and our own ability to put the oxygen mask on for ourselves, before we help others.

No, thank you – needs no further comment, despite the uncomfortable feeling that it might bring up for you and for others.

When we say No, to people who we usually say Yes to, it may bring up feelings of disappointment, anger, and sadness. And it may even trigger feelings of guilt, and internal stress for ourselves. Becoming comfortable with these uncomfortable feelings, and recognising that our No, is really a Yes, then we can start to build ourselves, healthier boundaries. And if you are the person on the receiving end of a No, thank you; and you feel disappointed by that, maybe you too can see what Yes is supporting the No.

So with every No thank you, you give or receive this season, can you think of it as a coaching exercise? With each No thank you, you offer become the example, of how to eradicate the need to please. And once your No, Thank you has created a space for you; make sure you can say Yes, to that which will replenish you the most.

And with every No, Thankyou you receive, can you learn to honour the self-care practices of the individual that has gifted it to you.

So say No, in order to say Yes; Yes to how you want to bring in this next year; Yes, to choosing things that nourish not drain, Yes to that which inspires not traps, Yes to that which brings pleasure not expectations.

No is ok because No says Yes to you.