This morning, my alarm went off at 5.25am.


The night before, I had had the thought that I would “own” my morning and take myself to yoga before coming home, having breakfast and getting ready to walk to work


For me to own my morning, I thought that I needed to make a conscious decision to do something for me, and for my own good, a thing that no one was telling me to do but something I wanted to do with my morning. Only my own choices were making me go, and therefore I was owning my own day.


Usually when I decide to go to yoga before work, I would put out my yoga clothes and made sure they were on my bed, so that I didn’t have to dig around in the dark and make any decisions at that time of the morning.


I didn’t do that last night. I couldn’t be bothered. I set the alarm. I went to sleep.


When the alarm went off this morning, my self-talk started …. –
“GET UP! You want to own your day”, it said “You know, you said you wanted to do this”


Then it said “You didn’t get yourself ready to go last night, so really do you want to go??”


Followed by “But you have injuries, and Im not sure, that yoga right now is good for them”.


Finally, it said: “Roll over, sleep more; if you had really meant to go, you would have got your clothes out”


I rolled over. The alarm went off again at 7.00. I hit snooze! For those who know me, you know I am not much of a morning person!


When I finally woke, my thoughts went straight to giving myself a hard time.


My mind chat started to question my discipline, my health objectives, my dedication, my will power and on and on it went… God its noisy even at that time!


Because of two previous choices 1. Not getting my clothes out and 2. Not going to a yoga class; I started to question everything!!


Thankfully it wasn’t for too long. As a began to recognise this negative self talk, I decided to take my thought back! Back into my own control!
I recognised, that if I wouldn’t say all that stuff to someone else who had missed a class! And in that moment, I started to reflect on what was my actual intention when I thought I would get up to go to yoga.


My intention had been simple. I wanted to own my day and to start my day with movement.


So with a I shifted in my mindset, I released my own self judgement and criticism, and made a new plan.


I turned on my phone, and hit Spotify.


If my original intention was to move, I could do that without a class.


Turning the music on and starting slowly, I circled through my body, and out of the bed and I did hip circles, I opened my heart and danced with the beat, I shook and I stretched. I came back to me, and back to my real intention.


My intention of owning my own day, and my own body through movement, was met.


I recognise that I don’t always consciously make the right steps to get me to where I think I want to go (Eg. Putting out my yoga clothes), but when I get to the junction of self criticism and judgement, there is always another path to take.


By recognising the negative self talk and changing the station by reflecting on my truest intention I was able to take the steps that allowed for my original intention to be fulfilled and for my day, to once again be mine.

Do you own your day?


Need as song to help you move into owning your own day? Try this Qoya classic, Fight Song by Rachel Platten!