Pussy Tales. A Podcast

Pussy Tales. A Podcast

Is NOW Live!

A discussion with women to explore the shift and share the stories of what can happen when we reclaim pleasure as our birthright and embrace a more feminine way of Being.

In collaboration with Jennifer Annette, I am are thrilled to share with you our new Podcast.

Every couple of weeks, we will sit down with women who have made the shift to put feminine ideals and their own pleasure at the centre of what they do. We share their stories with the intention of bringing a new light and inspiration to the choices that we have every day in how we show up, not only as individuals but also as a collective.

We invite you to sit back and listen in your pleasure and take this moment for yourself to find a little more beauty and pleasure in each and every day.

You can listen to us here on Anchor or click below to access each episode on Spotify. The podcast is also available on Radio Public, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts and Breaker.