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Qoya is based on the idea that it is through movement we remember.

We remember our essence is wise, wild and free.

Wise, wild and free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice.

Wise: calling on the wisdom of yoga.
Wild: the creative expression in dance.
Free: expanding our capacity to enjoy being in our bodies through feminine movement.

In Qoya, we focus not on how it looks and only on how it feels.

There’s no beginner, intermediate or advanced levels because there’s just one level and that is when it feels good you’re doing it right.

Created by Rochelle Schieck, over 10 years ago; Qoya is an invitation to feel good in your body. And more than feeling good, Qoya embodies the breadth and depth of the feminine; uncovering our own sense of knowing and inner power.

By moving into and with the sensations in our bodies, we let go of the mind and embrace our true intuition and truth, connecting us back to our sense of play and underlying joy.

Qoya is for all women. Of all ages. At any size. On everyday.

Classes & Resources

Each Qoya class is given a theme in which we get to explore what our relationship is to that theme and how that the theme feels within our body.

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Practical things…

  • Class will be approx. 90 minutes
  • Wear comfortable clothes – anything you feel good dancing in!
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Everything else will be provided

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For more information and heaps of resources on Qoya – please go to the Qoya website at: www.qoya.love

Search #qoyamelbourne for images of classes that have happened in Melbourne, Australia.

Ready to feel good in your body?

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“Qoya means Queen in Quechuan. Not an emotionally distant bejewelled figure who holds a position of inherited power, but Queen that translates as “a female manifestation of higher consciousness.”

Rochelle Schieck

Come join me in living a full life of remembering that our essence is wise, wild and free.

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