I had to move out of my apartment this week for 10 days and so I have chosen to visit my parents at their beach house.

The drive is usually 2 hours, however this trip, 2 hours ticked over and I still hadn’t passed the half waypoint. The joys of traffic jams and crazy drivers trying to overtake me in the emergency lane on a gridlocked freeway were creating a scenario for me that was not matching how I imagined my relaxed drive to the beach to be.

So instead of getting all road ragey about it, which was totally where I was going, as I took a photograph of the crazy driver’s number plate, I became mindful that I had a choice and instead of calling the police to report the ridiculous dangerous driving; I took a breath and turned one of my favourite teachers, Michaela Boehm’s latest podcast.

If I was going to be stuck in the car for another 2 hours, I figured I could at the very minimum make it a little more pleasurable and learn something!

I have long ago stopped been overly surprised by synchronicities that occur in my life however I do always acknowledge the sheer delight they create for me, so as I was sitting in the traffic I had also been debating about the message I wanted to send out about the upcoming Book Club With A Difference.

How could I help women understand just how powerful and essential this work is? What is the actual underlying importance of the work of Regena Thomashauer and her book Pussy. A Reclamation? How do I put it into words or a message that more women maybe able to relate to? Or more importantly not be put off by?

Well, thank you Michaela and the traffic jam for making the time for me to hear her message so that I can share it with you.

You may or may not have seen that when I promote Book Club With A Difference and the book Pussy. A Reclamation I often talk about the concept of pleasure, of becoming a pleasure researcher or starting or being part of a pleasure revolution.

I’m sure for some these concepts alone may turn you off, as we have been conditioned to think that pleasure is only related to sexual experiences or that it is frivolous or kinda silly and who the hell has time for that? (I wont even touch on the how I know that the word Pussy also triggers everyone!… but thats for another time!) so as I sat in my traffic jam on the Monash freeway, all I felt was sheer gratitude as Michaela shared with me the following message:

Pleasure is about survival and there is NOTHING frivolous about it.

Yep, that is right.

Pleasure has been a key to how you and I are here today and how we will continue to survive. So the concept of survival of the fittest could also have been translated to mean those who are able to run along the paradigm of pleasure and pain the most successfully.

Whilst the most obvious link to pleasure and survival maybe procreation, it is so much more than that; as it is through our senses that we are able to experience pleasure, but it is also through the same mechanisms that we know if we are threatened whether it’s by smelling that berry that we shouldn’t be eating, or hearing the threat in the bush. It is the depth of relationship to our senses that have kept us alive.

Pleasure comes from our ability to relax and to engage in the gifts of our five senses. Our five senses keep us alive, by allowing us to avoid things that will harm us, but our capacity to engage with them, also brings the depth of engagement that we have to life itself.

So whilst pleasure has played the important role of keeping us alive even more than just surviving it is ability to lean into greater capacity for pleasure that allows us to move from a survivor to a thriver.

As humans and as women it is our birthright to feel pleasure, right down to the ultimate design of the woman’s body. Did you know we have an organ that is created with no other function than pleasure?

Most women I talk to don’t.

And that is why, Book Club With A Difference, starts there.
We start with Pussy. A Reclamation; for the vast majority of us have absolutely no idea of the wisdom that we carry in our bodies. We start here because it is a solid basis for us to build upon.


  • Do you want to do more than just survive this life?
  • Do you want to understand pleasure and your own relationship to it?
  • Do you want to understand the tools and resources you have to to move from surviving to thriving?
  • Are you a little bit curious about how Pussy and the pleasure revolution can take you higher?

Then come join me and Jennifer Karlich, as we journey chapter by chapter through Pussy. A Reclamation and together with the tools and the BEST community of women, we will unpack our relationship to our own pleasure, to our own bodies and to the world culture today that has convinced us that pleasure is not our birth right.

With the changes that we will be having to make in the coming years, our capacity for pleasure is going to influence our capacity for change and as all human change is often accompanied by a level of pain then lets come together and consciously choose to navigate it all with a dash of turn on.

You cannot start this journey early enough.

Key things you need know now:

  • We start Tuesday February 4, 7pm
  • You can join us via online via Zoom or in person at the Joy Space in Carnegie.
  • We have books ready for you! Each week we only do one chapter, so no need to read the book all at once
  • We record all sessions, so if you know you can’t make all eight weeks, don’t worry we have you covered.

Register via the following links…

Book Club With A Difference (BYO book)

Book Club With A Difference PLUS Book

Once we receive your registration, you will be invited to join our Private Facebook Group.

Click here for all the full event details.

With so much pleasure,