When I find gratitude for the situation it opens up the possibilities and opportunities in which I can make choices.


When I find gratitude I let go of the lingering negativity and move to a place of curiosity and expansion.


When I find gratitude, I step into owning my situation, and releasing the need to control or be a victim to my circumstances


When I find gratitude, I feel centred and whole hearted and ready to take the next step.


When I find gratitude, I become less fearful of what might be next


When I find gratitude, I share openly and without judgment


When I find gratitude, I am free to be authentically me without limiting boundaries


For when I am grateful, I am in my heart and I feel the sensations of warmth, I feel the sensations of being held firmly, supported by others, and the greater universe. I feel my throat relax, and my forehead soften. I feel my eyes, gently relax. When I am grateful, I feel myself surrender.


And from this place of surrender, I am feel free.


How do you find this place of gratitude, when you feel pressed against the wall, threatened or betrayed? How do we find the space within the tightness, the oppressive state of being a victim to our circumstances?


Firstly, we say YES. We say YES, to this place, YES to this place of learning, a place I can grow from.


And from there we allow our bodies, to switch off from the perceived threat, and we find the sensations..


Find the warmth in the heart

Find the gentle strength of being held or hugged

Find the throat open

Let the forehead soften

Let the shoulders fall

Tell your eyes relax


Open up to the possibilities of every situation, recognising this is life, and you have been given this body to experience it with. Let it help you. Let it guide you. Let yourself be free to experience and embody all that is on offer.


For that gift of the body, gives us the gift of life, and for that, I can be grateful.