Today, I worked. It’s Sunday the official day of rest. But today, I worked.
I had sent out the invitation to dance a Qoya class with the theme of “Gentle with yourself”.
A month ago, when I had picked this theme, I knew it was something that I needed, and I was constantly hearing that others potentially needed to practise too. In fact, I was beginning to consciously recognise just how hard we can be on ourselves- ALL OF THE TIME.
However as this week progressed, I was quite resistant to creating the class, and so it took me until yesterday to even finalise the playlist.
Despite my inner resistance, it was created and women had said they were coming and so I knew the class would go ahead.
So I turned up. I cleared the space, I set the altar and I waited. And I waited..
No one messaged and no one turned up.
In 3 years of teaching Qoya, this has never happened to me. I knew it was not an uncommon thing and I have had classes with 1 person, but never had no one shown up.
In the early days, I had often wondered about what I would do, if it did happen, and I had always known that if it did – then I would do the work and dance the class as I had intended to offered it to everyone else.
So I did. I danced the class for me. I showed up and I did the work.
I don’t think that any other theme could have been more perfect for the situation that I found myself in. When no one takes up your offering “Can you be gentle with yourself?”…
As I set my intention, as I circled, as I opened my heart and kept moving through the class.. this is what I remembered…
To be gentle with yourself, takes an enormous amount of courage. It takes insight, and ability to listen to every thought you are thinking.
To be gentle with yourself requires a greater sense of awareness than you have right now – there will always be a bigger picture, always
To be gentle with yourself you need to release pride and ego and to find a new inner strength one that values bigger things than the intermittent emotion of the moment
To be gentle creates space and builds resilience. To be gentle means recognising the primitive nature of our survival needs and opens us up to greater possibilities
To be gentle with ourselves, is a gateway to greater hope, compassion, kindness and love – not only towards ourselves but also to others.
So to answer my own question – “ Yes! You can!”
Today I did the work. It was not a job, it was my work. And as I lay down for shavasana, the weather witches were there for me, as the heavens opened up and the rain poured down, I didn’t need the sound track after all for the drumming of the water on the roof was as rhythmic as the music I had used to move.
I had not previously pulled a card, and so I did.
Awareness – Let yourself become more aware. Infinite joy awaits.
I feel that. I hope you find a way to bring gentleness into you week ahead. I can testify – you are worth it.
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