Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Corporate Wellbeing Programs

What does it mean to be a Well – Being at this time in your life? We can no longer continue to push through our lives with no foresight for the moment we are in and the future that we wish to create for ourselves. Infinity Therapies Wellbeing Programs prioritises supporting you to find your own sense of Being first, and only from that point can we help to create the strategies for you to go well.

Having worked in corporate HR for 20 years, Nicola has seen and experienced the amount of energy it takes to work inside cultures that have not consciously recognised the impact that they have on the wellbeing of individuals. The constant need to do more for less has an impact on everyone whether that be the type of work we do, the resources available to complete the work or the perceived need to continually show your own value. With little time to even truly reflect any deeper than, did I eat vegetables today, we have not been given the opportunity to even explore – what does it mean for me to be well? And what strategies can I incorporate into my day to help me create a greater sense of wellbeing, for me?

Infinity Therapies Wellbeing programs are designed to go directly to the core of what it means to Be Well. Recognising that well-being is more than just physical health, Infinity Therapies Wellbeing programs are designed to not just provide “information” but to provide the space of participants to find their own relationship to their own experience and to create strategies that allow them to take control of their own wellbeing, every day.

How do you even know if you are well?
What does it feel like for you to be well?
How do we take actions to support our sense of wellbeing?

Our well-being programs explore these questions and allow participants to find and challenge their own relationship to each topic in order to feel the true answers for themselves.

Through interactive and experiential exercises, we begin to uncover how our own thoughts, beliefs and patterns play out in how we feel and then as a result how we present ourselves into the world.

Our unconscious mind is the driving force behind everything we do, which ultimately affects our quality of life and the quality of our everyday wellbeing. Yet despite this most wellbeing programs are focused on providing information to “prove” to you that you need to make different choices.

Did you know that diet impacts your wellbeing? Of course, you do.

Green vegetables are important. Yes, but if you can’t feel the truth and recognise your resistance to wanting to eat them then it’s unlikely you will make better diet choices.

Did you know that exercise is important to wellbeing? Of course, you do.

But again, if you don’t look for ways that you can joyfully include movement into your day. Well, let’s face it you aren’t going to prioritise it. You know it, you SHOULD do it, but hey- you’re busy, right.

By supporting individuals to embody the understanding that our true sense of wellbeing is fuelled by our sense of self, then we can start to explore from a place of awareness how the intersection of how we manage our energy, knowing that it is through the maintenance in homeostasis of our physical, emotional, relational and spiritual energy realms, that allows us to live our best life.

We design our Wellbeing programs in partnership with our clients, however, common modules often include:

  • Mindfulness vs Conscious Leadership
  • Change. It’s a constant so why is it so hard?
  • Exploring your emotional range.
  • Robust Boundaries
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving
  • The Magic of Slowing Down
  • Feel the Fear. Do it anyway
  • Authentic Purpose

Our programs are designed for groups and can be tailored for teams and businesses as deemed suitable.

We run both public and private programs.

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