Embodied Womxn Work

Embodied Womxn Work

“You can be fully in charge of your life only if you can acknowledge the reality of your body, in all its visceral dimensions.” Bessel A Van Der Kolk

Embodied Womxn Work is a podcast and event series designed with the intention of sharing women’s stories of how becoming more aware of their bodies has helped them to access greater meaning and life satisfaction in their everyday.


In particular it aims to help up us all to become more aware of our own sense of Being and how our sense of Being creates our reality. The stories shared, focus on how when we turn our focus inward and become more aware of our own “sense of self”, then we are able to access  our own sense of power, intuition and trust in our journeys.  And then, when we do do that – what happens? Well, the stories will tell you the answers to that!


The Embodied Womxn Work offering brings you live conversations with women who have been able to access and utilise the power of their bodies to engage with their intuition and knowing to help them to live and work with a sense of clarity, vision AND aligned with a greater purpose. The series helps to highlight how women have been able to work through the dilemma of aligning their mind, body and soul to achieve things that they thought were potentially not possible for them.


Anyone with a body, can utilise the benefits of embodiment practice. It is not a woo woo, unicorn riding, rainbow twirling trick, instead embodiment gives us enhanced access to that which we already know and each podcast and live event you will be offered practical tools that you can try if you also want to begin the journey back to the wisdom held in your body.


Embodiment provides us with the opportunity to listen more, feel more and just BE more by actually DOING  less.

The practices can help enhance a balanced foundation in which we are then able to recognise our full breadth of possibility and capacity to engage in ourselves, in relationship, in our work and with our environment. All it takes is the shift in awareness and a curiosity to explore, the idea that maybe your body is more than just a transportation device for your mind.


To be embodied, means that in each moment, you have a depth of awareness of your present physical, mental and emotional state. We do not feel that we just have to react from our animalistic brain OR from a place of “thinking”,  but instead we take into account all the sensations, feelings and signals that are also present to us. We are mindful that our thoughts are not everything, and we consciously choose to notice more, and act in accordance with the “full” picture of self. No longer turning up as a victim to our primitive fear response but consciously choosing our response to our interactions.


The stories shared in this series, help us to unpack how much we can gain from moving out of our “thinking” mind and into our “knowing” sense of Being. These women’s stories show us that by making even the slightest shift can change SO MUCH. And this shift can provide us with a new sense of empowerment that we begin to recognise that we are the ones we have been waiting for! It is through us that we can bring forth all that we desire and so much more.


So join me, in this exploration into what it means to be an Embodied Womxn and discover how increasing our awareness helps us to make choices, that allow us to be the change we want to see in the world.


Why a Podcast?

There are so many podcast, I know. But we are story telling people, and we learn from others stories. Women’s stories have been suppressed for so long, and I believe that if I can help to share even one women’s story and even one women’s desires then I know – it can help free all of us, just that little bit more.


Why in-person events?

Because nothing beats being in a room with like-minded women, doing cool stuff with the intention of everyone going higher. I love that from sharing stories, sharing tools and practising together – we do not have to sit in a pity parties together, but we can take ownership of all parts of who we are, be witnessed in that, and see the power our offerings have. Being embodied in our own sovereingnity and in  relationship with each other, is the way I want to Be!


Listen to the podcast here.


Or join me at a Live Event. See upcoming event details here.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Well let’s start with actually what it means to be Disembodied.

When we are disembodied we focus our attention away from our body, which results in a reduced awareness of the body’s feelings and sensations and as a result a lack of awareness of our environment.

So when we are embodied, we engage with and use the signals, sensations and feelings that exist in the body to increasing our perceptions and awareness, which in turn gives us a greater sense of choice in any given situation.

“You can be fully in charge of your life only if you can acknowledge the reality of your body, in all its visceral dimensions.” Bessel A Van Der Kolk

Here is what it has offered me:

  • A known sense of how I want to show up in the world
  • Greater clarity in what I desire
  • Better relationships
  • Ability to create healthy boundaries
  • Greater empathy
  • More un
  • More fun
  • Greater access to pleasure in my own body
  • Less self doubt, less confusion, less guessing what is right for me
  • Ability to stay present and less fearful
  • Deeper capacity for emotional agility
  • Ability to see all of life lessons as a curriculum for growth
  • Greater access to a sense of peace and ease

Greater capacity to have control understanding and power over your sympathetic nervous system, Increase ability to access your parasympathetic nervous system.

Mindfulness is the noticing of thoughts. The ability to become the witness of observer or your thoughts.

Embodiment is uses the basis of mindfulness and then begins to expand that awareness to the whole body. Mindfulness is the first tool of embodiment.

Technically no, however it is a great practice to improve your awareness and hence your deeper understanding of self and the body in which you are in.