Yes, thank you. More please.

In December, I wrote about “NO, thank you”, being a complete sentence.

It’s February, and now I am saying Yes! Yes, thank you. More please.

Yes and No. For their tiny size they have so much impact on our lives, it seems crazy that we don’t give them a little more credit!

Yes and No. Create our boundaries.

They create the space in which we play, we interact, we dance, we live. They create our edges, our peripheries, the horizon to where we think we can get to and where it stops. They create the limitations and the opportunities; the frame of what we believe to be our potential in this world.

Have you ever taken stock to what you are currently saying Yes to?

As it would seem that we don’t just say Yes, to things that are good for us!

In fact, I feel like I had created a habit of saying Yes to what I perceived to be the most negative aspects of myself and elements of my life.

For a long time, I was saying:

Yes, to turning up in the world unexpressed because; “it is OK, things change it will be FINE.”

Yes, to being overwhelmed by fear of being exposed because; “vulnerability is FUCKING scary”

Yes, to playing small with no plan because; “if it’s meant to happen it will!”

And from the outside, I don’t think people would perceive this but on the inside I began to know that this was true.  And I knew it, because I felt it. All the time.

I knew it because I would (and still often do) become defensive, tired, tuned out, or over critical and heavily judgemental of others when anyone asked me something that challenged what I was currently saying Yes to.  Why was my emotional response so strong? Because I had a sensation that what I was continuing to say Yes to was not resonating with who I am or who I wanted to be. My Yes, was repressing me!

What feels like an eternity ago, I attended a workshop at Flying Souls a healing center in Melbourne which was about increasing your intuition. As part of the workshop, we were asked to discover our Yes and our No, through our bodies.

It was a simple exercise, and it was probably one of my first embodiment experiences.


Give it ago…


Stand centred.

Bring your attention to the souls of your feet, and feel yourself grounding into the earth.

Then gently sway a little. Forwards and backwards, finding your balancing point.

Then start to ask yourself some simple Yes/No questions:

  • Do you like eggs?
  • Do you like chocolate?
  • Is your name Jane?


Then feel into your body and without engaging your mind in the answer see if your body wants to fall forwards or backwards.

It won’t necessarily be a big movement, in fact it may only be a slight sensation.

But just feel the pull of where your body wants to go in response to the question.

If your pulled forward, is this your sense of Yes.


Mine is.


When I feel pulled towards something, it is my Yes.

When I feel a little pushed back – It is a No or it may be just a No “for now.” (As we all have the prerogative to change our answers 😉 )


The development of this little skill of recognising my own Yes and No, is something that Qoya has helped me build on a lot over the years. This reflecting internally to feel into what is a yes or a no for me, provides me with a greater sense of knowing and it can help me to be so much more comfortable and confident with the decisions I make for myself.


Feeling into where our energy is going can really help to shine a light on areas that we don’t even know are holding us back. Even just by recognising that I was fueling my own darker side, gave me more power back. Once I recognised it, I was then able to consciously choose to continue on that path or not. By feeling into it, I was able to make more conscious choices about did I want to do things that continued this pattern, or did I want to direct my energy into saying Yes, to others things.

When we choose to sit in the power seat of our Yes then we get to expand our awareness and we can connect more directly into that which we want to create now.

We get to own our experiences, our choices, and we notice that we have greater control over our ability to change them; to do better, to be bigger, to offer more of ourselves, unleashed and uplifted from the weight of our shadow side.

Saying Yes, creates ownership that opens up our space, not just the space for more, but the space for NEW. Saying Yes doesn’t need to be a big grand gesture it can be a total tiny thing. But a little truly heartfelt – body-felt Yes, can help to shine a whole lotta light on the path ahead.

And once that Yes, has landed and the offers start to flow. Give thanks. And say Universe, I’ll have more of that.


In full expansion

Nicola xx